Community Surveys & Studies

Main Street, Ann Arbor MiIn order to better understand the people, places and events that make Ann Arbor unique, studies have focused on popular events and best practices in other communities.

Housing Affordability and Economic Equity Analysis

The Washtenaw County Office of Community & Economic Development has released the Housing Affordability and Economic Equity Analysis.  The study focuses on the urbanized area, and examines the changes to the housing market through boom, bust and recovery.  A series of presentations and conversations will take place in early 2015 to dive into the details and look at potential implementation steps that can happen collaboratively.  The latest updates can be found at

Housing Affordability and Economic Equity Analysis (pdf)

Art Fair Intercept Survey

During the 2008 Art Fairs, a survey was conducted to gather information about attendees and determine market opportunities.
Presentation of Survey Data (pdf)

Local Currency Study

With a grant from the DDA, Think Local First examined local currency programs throughout the U.S. and beyond. This research and a public feedback process took place in the early part of 2010.
Think Local First – Local Currency Study Presentation (pdf)