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Summer 2016 Structure Maintenance Work

We will soon be beginning our annual preventative maintenance work in many of the downtown parking structures.  Our goal is take care of the little things along the way so that they don’t become big things.  This year work will include removing and replacing concrete on walls and columns, sealing cracks and joints, applying deck coating, and miscellaneous repairs.


Work will begin at Liberty Square in early June with a focus on deck coatings. Work will continue throughout the summer and include repairs at the Ann Ashley, Library Lane and Maynard structures.  Work is scheduled to be complete in early October.


Throughout the work Republic Parking will coordinate with the contractor to manage the projects so that the impact to available parking is minimal. We greatly appreciate the patience of our parkers and neighbors during this work.

2015 Parking Structure Maintenance Work Complete

Thank you!
The DDA is committed to ongoing maintenance in the parking facilities with the goal of extending the useful life of the garages and minimizing the potential of major structural deterioration.    With this goal in mind, the DDA annually takes on important structure repairs called out by our engineers.    This summer and fall, the DDA performed necessary and important maintenance work in four of the parking structures.   By taking care of things early, the issues don’t become big problems.
We appreciate your patience and support as we do this work.
It’s interesting to note that this year’s work included:
Applying 65,000 square feet of deck coating
Applying 275,000 square feet of deck sealer
Applying 42,600 linear feet of sealant
Repairing 1,500+ square feet of concrete

Parking Structure Maintenance

Beginning in July and continuing into fall the DDA will be overseeing its regularly scheduled maintenance work in many public parking structures.  The work includes replacing and repairing concrete, sealing cracks, reapplying deck coating, painting and stair work and will total more than $800,000. Our goal is to take care of the little things along the way so they don’t become big things. This reinvestment ensures the continued health of an important part of downtown infrastructure.
While this work will necessitate certain areas within the structures being closed to parking, monthly permit holders will always be able to park with their permits.  We will also be diligent to keep the footprint of the work contained as much as possible to allow for ample hourly parking.  Specific timing and project information will be posted at each location as work begins there.  We appreciate your patience while this important work is being done.
Areas of focus this year will include-
• Concrete repairs and coating work in the Maynard Street stairwell.
• Sealant work at the roof level of the Forest structure.  Waterproofing and coatings work inside the structure, as well as façade work.
• Concrete repairs and coating work at 4th & Washington.
• Concrete repairs at the Ann Ashley structure.

Street Framework Plan

Streets, sidewalks and alleys play an integral role in every city. They are created to serve a variety of functions that are social, environmental, technical and economic. The Downtown Street Framework Plan will establish a set of guidelines that will coordinate the goals of each of these functions in order to maintain and enhance the character and functionality of downtown Ann Arbor.

The goal is to balance the needs of all street users, with a particular focus on pedestrians and how streets can be used as public space. The final plan will reflect the understanding that the pedestrian environment is about much more than transportation – that streets serve important social, economic, and environmental needs.

The effort brings together City and DDA staff, as well as other agencies, to comprehensively plan for streets within the DDA District. In conjunction, input from a variety of downtown stakeholders and the general public is an essential component.  Please use the links below to access an online survey and a wiki mapping tool.  We would love your thoughts and input as the work continues.

Follow this weblink to the survey.

To provide feedback using the wiki mapping tool use this link.

DDA Board Approves CSTS Grant

Today our Board approved a grant for $300,000 to aid in the renovation of the downtown Washtenaw County Annex building at 110 N. Fourth Avenue. This building is home to the Community Support & Treatment Services (CSTS) department, which provides a variety of client services to individuals with mental illness, developmental disabilities, and substance abuse disorders. Renovations will include a new lobby and client interaction space that will enable clients to wait indoors for appointments and maneuver within the facility for multiple support options rather than waiting outside in the elements.

As stated in their mission and goals, CSTS works to provide excellent service to individuals so they are able to “[lead] lives rich in community membership and personal fulfillment.” As stewards of downtown interested in inclusiveness and quality of life, we see this work as integral to strengthening our community, and we welcome the opportunity to support and enhance the services offered downtown.

Greg Dill, Washtenaw County Director of Infrastructure Management stressed the importance of this grant, stating: “The DDA’s contribution to this project will enable CSTS to continue to provide high-quality services to the most at-risk members of our community.”

Parking Structure Maintenance

3.1.2State_008A downtown is only as strong as its parking structures. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but parking structures are critical pieces of downtown infrastructure that require routine maintenance in order to function properly. Throughout the summer and into fall the DDA will be overseeing regularly-scheduled maintenance work in several public parking structures. The work includes replacing and repairing concrete, sealing cracks, re-applying deck coating, painting, and stair work. Our goal is to take care of the little things along the way so they don’t become big (and costly) things.

While this work will require the closure of certain areas within the structures, monthly permit holders will not be affected. We will also be sure to minimize the footprint of the work as much as possible to allow for ample hourly parking. Specific timing and project information will be posted at each location when work begins. Thanks for your patience!

Sidewalk Repairs

4th Ave brick install 2Although they may often go unnoticed, sidewalks play a pivotal role in making downtown more walkable and attractive. Active, safe, and visually-interesting sidewalks invite more foot traffic, which is beneficial to businesses, residents, and visitors alike. Window-shopping and outdoor seating help businesses thrive. An engaging sidewalk experience entertains residents and visitors. And, eyes and ears on the street keep downtown safe for everyone.

The DDA has committed $50,000 for 2013-2014 sidewalk maintenance, and repairs are already underway. Work includes fixing uneven sidewalk sections and gaps, replacing missing or displaced brick pavers, pruning trees, and replacing missing trees.

We hope you enjoy downtown’s beautiful sidewalks as much as we do, and we encourage you to let us know if there’s anything we can do to further improve the downtown sidewalk experience.