Bike Rack Installation

Spring is finally here! This means we have started installing additional sidewalk bike hoops and on-street racks in the downtown area. We plan to install over 50 standard inverted U bike hoops and have already installed the on-street bike racks for the spring season.


This season’s racks are currently located at:

  • 300 S. State Street near Bivouac
  •  200 N. Main Street near Mighty Good Coffee
  •  200 W. Liberty near Bill’s Beer Garden
  • 400 Detroit Street near Zingerman’s
  • 200 S. Fourth Ave by Transition Rack
  • 300 N 4th Avenue near Braun Court
  • 200 N 4th Avenue near the People’s Food Co-op

We place these racks out during the warm weather season with the enthusiasm and support of adjacent businesses. Together we see tremendous value in converting a single car parking space or unused curbside space into 14 bike spaces – providing more customers, visitors, and employees with convenient spaces close to their destination.

We would love your feedback. If you know of a location that could use an on-street bike rack or permanent sidewalk bike hoop, contact Amber Miller at