People-Friendly Street Program

People-Friendly Streets is a vision for creating streets in downtown Ann Arbor that are designed with people in mind. Streets that are safe and comfortable for all users.

People-Friendly Streets will:

    • Improve Safety and Comfort – Streets are designed with safety as a priority, regardless of the mode of travel. Streets are welcoming and accessible for all ages and abilities.
    • Strengthen Businesses – Downtown is a vital destination. Streets are designed to support commercial activities and increase access to local retail, dining, jobs and services.
    • Promote Green Design – Improve the city’s sustainability by encouraging active transportation, using resources efficiently, and employing practices that protect air and water quality.
    • Increase Access & Connectivity – Streets connect people to places, whether by car, bike, bus or foot. Downtown streets are designed to be easy to navigate for all users – whether a community resident or an out-of-town visitor.
    • Design Responsibly – Keeps people in mind and engaged throughout the design process. Streets are designed to make the best use of public dollars for the benefit of all.
    • Celebrate Civic Life & Activity – Streets celebrate the character and identity of the downtown and its unique events and opportunities. Streets respect the diversity of its users, businesses, residents and other stakeholders.

People-Friendly Streets Projects include:

The DDA hosted four days of public engagement workshops, March 19 – 22, to get input on the First & Ashley, William Street, and Huron Street projects. A link to the opening presentation can be found here.