TDM Analysis

As part of its work to encourage and maintain a vital downtown, the DDA manages the public parking system in Ann Arbor. The DDA views parking as part of a transportation system, with the end goal of getting people downtown through a menu of options. As a way to manage parking access, parking revenues are used to support downtown transportation options, including an unlimited use transit pass for downtown employees, enhanced transit service on key routes, bicycle facilities, the getDowntown program, and more.


In 2007 the DDA commissioned a parking demand and supply analysis which was used to formulate a comprehensive set of recommended transportation and parking policies.   A copy of the report is available for review:


Downtown has changed and grown since that time and in 2015, the DDA commissioned a follow up analysis to understand current usage and how to best manage parking to benefit downtown.

Downtown Parking & TDM Study April 2017 Board Presentation