Upcoming Projects

The DDA Board has worked to develop a set of priority projects for downtown.  Projects were selected based on their transformational potential, financial feasibility, and alignment with the DDA mission.  DDA and City staff will work closely on the timing and coordination of projects.  As these exciting projects get started please check back to this Current Projects section for updates and information. 


  • First/Ashley/William Streets Projects –  Initially, outreach and analysis will take place to determine the feasibility of a two-way conversion of First and Ashley Streets. Upon completion of the analysis, the project will include designing the conversion, watermain upsizing, and streetscape improvements including those to improve both biking and walking experiences. The project also includes the design and construction of a protected bicycle lane on William Street, from Third Street to State Street. Watermain work will occur for a small portion of the street.


  • State Street Area– The sidewalk on the 300 block of S. State Street will be expanded to accommodate additional sidewalk activity. The project will include relocating storm water inlets, light poles, and other sidewalk elements, and will be undertaken in conjunction with a City street resurfacing project.  A pilot phase prior to implementation will determine the appropriate width of the expanded sidewalk, and will also allow the DDA to study the impacts (if any) to the area by removing street parking and loading zones.