Connecting William Street

Connecting William Street

Ann Arbor’s Connecting William Street Plan was created with the goal of transforming five city-owned parking areas into uses that will better serve the community: the Library Lane Lot, the 5th & William Lot, the ground floor of the 4th & William Parking Structure, the Main & William Lot, and the Ashley & William Lot in downtown Ann Arbor.

At the authorization of the Ann Arbor City Council, the DDA led a community conversation, building on earlier City planning efforts including A2D2, the Downtown Plan, and the Calthorpe Report. The planning effort spanned 18 months and included assembling zoning and site condition information, an in-depth market analysis, and robust public input.

Following more than 30 community meetings, the final plan features development priorities for the five City-owned parcels. On March 5th, 2013 the plan was approved by the City Planning Commission as a resource document to be used in support of the master plan.

View the final plan and supporting documents here: