Residential Buildings

Residential Buildings in Downtown Ann Arbor

South University, Ann Arbor, MIThere are a variety of housing options in the DDA District, including single family historic homes, modern condos, and renovated lofts. Since 2000, 740 housing units have been constructed and more than 300 are under construction. As more units are built, options for downtown living will continue to expand. See below for a list of apartment and condo complexes with over 10 units.

Sloan Plaza

Picture of Sloan Plaza

Sloan Plaza Information
Built: 1986
Units: 32
Unit Size: 1,250-2,000
Address: 505 E. Huron St
The Armory
Picture of The Armory

The Armory Information
Built: 1930s
Units: 13
Unit Size: 1,500-1,750
Address: 223 E. Ann St
Tower Plaza
Picture of Tower Plaza

Tower Plaza Information
Built: 1969
Units: 198
Unit Size: 400-1,250
Address: 555 E. William St
101 N. Main (One North Main)
Picture of One North Main

One Main Information
Built: 1987
Units: 29
Unit Size: 1,963-2,316
Address: 101 N. Main
Loft 322 (Metro Lofts)
Picture of Loft 322 (Metro Lofts)

Loft 322 Information
Built: 2007
Units: 21
Unit Size: 800-1,500
Address: 322 E. Liberty
Liberty Lofts
Picture of Liberty Lofts

Liberty Lofts Information
Built: Renovated in the 2000’s
Units: 68
Unit Size: 800-1,500
Address: 315 2nd Street
Ashley Mews
Picture of Ashley Mews

Ashley Mews Information
Built: 2003
Units: 54
Unit Size: 600-2,750
Address: 434 S. Main
Ashley Terrace
Picture of  Ashley Terrace

Ashley Terrace Information
Built: 2008
Units: 99
Unit Size: 800-2,500
Address: 111 Ashley St
Cornerhouse (State Street Lofts)
Picture of Cornerhouse (State Street Lofts)

Cornerhouse Information
Built: 2001
Units: 42
Unit Size: 666-884 / 2 & 3 Bedrooms
Address: 205 S. State Street
4 Eleven Lofts
Picture of 4 Eleven Lofts

4 Eleven Lofts Information
Built: 2009
Units: 96
Unit Size: N/A
Address: 401 E. Washington
Picture of Zaragon

Zaragon Information
Built: 2009
Units: N/A
Unit Size: N/A
Address: 619 E. University
University Towers
Picture of University Towers

University Towers Information
Built: 1965
Units: 240
Unit Size: Studio – 3 Bedrooms
Address: 536 S. Forest
Zaragon West
Picture of Zaragon West

Zaragon West Information
Built: 2012
Units: 99
Unit Size: N/A
Address: 500 E. William St
The Landmark
Picture of The Landmark

The Landmark Information
Built: 2012
Units: 175
Unit Size: N/A
Address: 1303 S. University
City Place
Picture of City Place

City Place Information
Built: 2012
Units: 24
Unit Size: 5 & 6 Bedrooms
Address: 400 Block of S. Fifth Ave
The Varsity
Picture of The Varsity

The Varsity Information
Built: Anticipated: Fall 2013
Units: 181
Unit Size: N/A
Address: 425 E. Washington
City Apartments/Village Green
Picture of City Apartments / Village Green

City Apartments/Village Green Information
Built: Anticipated: Fall 2013
Units: 156
Unit Size: 666-884 / 2 & 3 Bedrooms
Address: 205 S. State Street